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Nature was made of seething lava until it solidified into solid, massive, wide, gigantic mountain ranges.

After solidifying, natural elements such as water, wind and sea waves are constantly shaping mountain ranges and rocks, adapting them to the environment in which they are, in an integrated and harmonious way, being able to turn a rock with rough edges into a element of smooth lines, shaped by the transparencies of nature.

The world was not made in a "fast & furious" way, but stone by stone, with a paced rhythm, in which one phase only moves forward when another is complete, in harmony with the whole. And once created, it is constantly changing, improving and evolving. Always looking for balance. So are we: Solidweb - Solid Online Solutions.


Solidweb was founded in 2006 and since then provides customized services in the areas of website development and online stores, brand design, social networks and SEO, consulting services and management of cloud information systems and also webhosting and domain registration / management